Corporate Repairs

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All About Phones offers on-site repair services as well as pick-up and drop-off services as well. We offer corporate incentives for clients that begin using us for their repair needs. This includes 15% off on all repairs. We offer on-site computer repairs to help you when your system crashes and your business stops. We are generally able to have a technician there within 1 hour. Our billing rate depends on the type of repair we are doing. Please contact us for any specific questions regarding our corporate repair services.

Currently, we have over 15 corporate clients that we monitor their networks, repair their phones, repair their tablets and offer custom build solutions. We work closely with each client to ensure they are made a priority and are repaired quickly. Let us handle the headache and you concentrate on what you do best… run your business

Flexible terms are available. This allows you to send in your employee’s broken phone or tablet, have it repaired by us, then have an invoice sent over to your company. We email our invoices to the company email address on file and allow online payments and/or checks